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  • Vitamin B1

    Vitamin B1 Thiamine Hydrochloride

    Name:Vitamin B1, Thiamine hydrochloride, Vitamin HCL Appearance: white or faintly yellow, crystalline powder CAS No.:50-81-7 Standard:BP2018/EP9.2 Molecular formula: C12H17ClN4OS·HCl

  • 25kg/drum paracetamol Raw Material

    Paracetamol Raw Material Wholesale CAS 103-90-2

    Name: Paracetamol CAS No.: 103-90-2 Appearance: White crystal powder Molecular formula: C8H9NO2 Molecular Weight: 151.1649 Density: 1.293 g/cm3 Melting point: 168-172℃ Water solubility: 14 g/L (20℃) Water solubility: 14 g/L (20 ºC)

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic acid CAS 50-81-7

    Name: Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic acid Specfication: 35% feed grade CAS No.: 50-81-7 Molecular formula: C6H8O6 Appearance: A almost white or light yellow powder Usage: Animal Feed Additive

  • Sodium Benzoate Columnar

    Sodium Benzoate Columnar

    Name: Sodium Benzoate           CAS No.: 532-32-1 EINECS No:208-534-8 Appearance:White granules or crystalline powder Molecular formula: C7H5NaO2 Molecular Weight: 144.1032 Density: 1.44 g/cm³ Melting point: 300℃ Boiling point: 249.3°C at 760 mmHg Flash point: 111.4°C Water solubility: soluble Vapor Pressure: 0.0122mmHg at 25°C

  • Sodium Benzoate Ball/Granular

    Sodium Benzoate Ball/Granular CAS NO.:532-32-1 Wholesale Preservatives Origin From China.

    Anhui Sinotech company strictly select GMP products, support customer registration , and provide professional services to chemical customers in the global market.Purchase Sodium Benzoate Ball/Granular CAS NO.:532-32-1,inquiry Anhui Sinotech .   Name:  Sodium Benzoate Ball/Granular CAS No.:  532-32-1 Molecular formula: C7H5NaO2 Molecular Weight:  144.1032 Melting point: >300°C Boiling point: 249.3°C at 760 mmHg Density:1,44 g/cm3 Molecular structure: Description: Sodium benzoate balls/granules CAS NO.: 532-32-1, is an organic substance. It is white particles. Odorless or slightly benzoin smell. It has a slightly sweet and astringent taste. It is stable in the air, easily soluble in water, and soluble in ethanol, glycerol and methanol. After entering the body, sodium benzoate undergoes a biotransformation process and is excreted with urine without accumulating in the body. As long as it is within the normal dosage range, it is harmless to t...

  • Saccharin Sodium 8-12 Mesh

    Saccharin Sodium 8-12 Mesh CAS NO.:128-44-9 High Quality Sweetener Origin From China.

    Anhui Hicare Biotech Co.,Ltd strictly select food additives products, support customer registration , and provide professional services to customers in the global market.Purchase Saccharin Sodium 8-12 Mesh CAS NO.:128-44-9,inquiry Anhui Hicare Biotech Co.,Ltd.      Name:  Saccharin Sodium 8-12 Mesh CAS No.:  128-44-9 Molecular formula: C7H4NO3SNa Melting point : >300°C storage temp : 0-6°C Odor : odourless or with a faint, aromatic odour Water Solubility : >=10 g/100 mL at 20 ºC Molecular structure: Description: Saccharin sodium 8-12 mesh CAS NO.: 128-44-9, the sweetness is 200-500 times that of sucrose, generally 300 times. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, and the aqueous solution is slightly alkaline. It has low calories and is not absorbed by the human body, and can be automatically excreted in urine and feces. It is used as a sugar substitute for patients with obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and dental carie...

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Rename Announcement

Rename Announcement

Rename Announcement Due To Business Development, Since Sept 20,2023, Anhui Sinotech Industrial Co.,Ltd Has Been Renamed To Anhui Techchem Industrial Co.,Ltd. Besides Renaming, Other Business Informati...

Heilongjiang Province plans to use 16 million tons of organic fertilizer this year

This year, Heilongjiang Province will aim to purify the agricultural development environment, increase the utilization of agricultural by-products such as livestock and poultry manure and straw, develop green organic foods, and improve the quality of cultivated land. With the objective of replacing organic fertilizer as a means, the province will continue to promote organic man With reasonable utilization, the province plans to use 16 million tons of organic fertilizer, an increase of 23.1% over 2017. This reporter learned from the “Guidelines for Strengthening the Production and Utilization of Organic Fertilizer in the Province of 2018,” introduced by the Provincial Agriculture Commission recently.

The “Guidance Opinions” require Heilongjiang Province to promote the rational use of organic fertilizers through the implementation of “three actions”, namely, the promotion of the “three reductions” of agriculture, the promotion of alternative actions of organic fertilizers, and the promotion of efficient cultivation of green organics. By reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and increasing organic fertilizers, the number and area of organic fertilizers will be gradually expanded. In the promotion of organic fertilizer substitution, Heilongjiang Province will follow the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the promotion of planting and breeding cycles and the substitution of fruit and vegetable tea organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers. Continuing to carry out experiments and demonstrations on the enhancement of organic fertilizers in the production of green organic crops such as rice, vegetables, and fresh corn, and vigorously promote the reduction of chemical fertilizers. This year, the province will build a national-level cultivated land quality improvement and slimming efficiency demonstration area of over 200,000 mu, promote the use of over 400,000 tons of organic fertilizer, form a batch of replicable and scalable experiences and models, and promote green and organic efficient planting operations. Through the expansion of green organic vegetables, fresh corn, grains and beans and other high value-added crop planting area, improve planting refinement, standardization, and high efficiency level.

Although the application of organic fertilizers increases the input cost of fertilizers, from the perspective of overall benefit analysis, according to the principles of high quality and preferential prices, the greater the amount of organic fertilizers replaced, the better the product quality, and the higher the selling price, the greater the farmers’ income will be. And the long-term potential benefits are more substantial, which is conducive to the establishment of brands for agricultural products and entering the high-end market.

In the future, Heilongjiang Province will support the use of organic fertilizers by the government and mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers and new-type agribusiness operators in the use of organic fertilizers. Focusing on the dominant crops such as vegetables and fresh corn and green organic food industrial bases, we will expand the profit chain by linking farming, animal husbandry, planting and breeding, and nurturing brands, extending the industrial chain, enhancing the value chain.

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