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Azoxystrobin is widely used in farming, particularly in wheat farming.
  • CAS No:

  • Application:

  • Specification:

  • Packaging:

    25kg / fiber drum
  • Appearance:

    White crystalline solid or Yellowish solid
  • Lead Time:

    Normally 5-15 days from contract date
  • Product Details

Agrochemical Fungicide Azoxystrobin 50% WDG wholesale

Physical property

Appearance and properties: White crystalline solid or Yellowish solid
Melting point: 116℃
Vapor pressure: 1.1 x 10-7mpa (20℃)
Relative density: 1.34

Solubility in water: 6mg/L(20℃)


Purity TC 95% WP 50% WP 10% Attractant 1%


Azoxystrobin is widely used in farming, particularly in wheat farming. Applying agents 

containing azoxystrobin provides protection against many types of diseases, including:
• Wheat septoria
• Septoria leaf spot
• Wheat leaf rust( Puccinia recondita )
• Rye leafrust ( Puccinia triticina )
• Powdery mildew
• Downy mildew
• Stripe rust
• Haustorium

• Yrenophora teres


25kg/drum or on request

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Dimethomorph is widely used in farming, particularly in wheat farming.

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Mancozeb technical is grayish yellow powder, Melting point: 136℃(Decomposing before this degree).Flash point: 137.8℃ (Tag open cup), Solubility (g/L, 25℃):6.2mg/L in water, insoluble in most organic solvents.


Benomyl 95%TC,50%WP

Benomyl is effective as a pre-harvest systemic fungicide, and as a post-harvest dip or dust treatment for the protection of fruits, seeds and vegetables in storage. It controls a wide range of fungal diseases of fruits, nuts, vegetables, field crops, turf and ornamentals. Powdery mildew, apple scab and grey mould fungus are well controlled. It is also effective against mites.


Tricyclazole 75% WP

Mode of action Systemic fungicide, absorbed rapidly by the roots, with translocation through the plant. Uses Control of rice blast (Pyricularia oryzae) in transplanted and direct-seeded rice at 100 g/ha. Can be applied as a flat drench, transplant root soak, or foliar application. One or two applications by one or more of these methods give a season-long control of the disease.


Fosetyl-aluminium 80% WP

Mode of action Systemic fungicide, rapidly absorbed through the plant leaves or roots, with translocation both acropetally and basipetally.  Uses Control of diseases caused by e.g. Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara, Bremia spp., etc. on a variety of crops including vines, fruit (citrus, pineapples, avocados, stone fruit and pome fruit), berries, vegetables, hops, ornamentals and turf. Application rates range from 1-7 kg/ha in citrus, 2 kg/ha in tree nuts, up to 3.6 kg/ha in pome fruit, 2 kg/ha in grapes and 2.4-4.5 kg/ha in cucumber. Also useful activity against several bacterial plant pathogens.


Carbendazim 80% WP,98% TC, 40% SC, 50% WP/SC,90% WG

Mode of action Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed through the roots and green tissues, with translocation acropetally. Acts by inhibiting development of the germ tubes, the formation of appressoria, and the growth of mycelia. Uses Control ofSeptoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporella in cereals;Sclerotinia, Alternaria and Cylindrosporium in oilseed rape; Cercosporaand Erysiphe in sugar beet; Uncinula and Botrytis in grapes;Cladosporium and Botrytis in tomatoes; Venturia and Podosphaera in pome fruit and Monilia and Sclerotinia in stone fruit.


Myclobutanil 95% TC 12% EC

Quick Details CAS No.: Other Names: MF: EINECS No.: Place of Origin: State: Purity: Application: melting point: Vapour pressure Density 88671-89-0 Systhane C15H17ClN4 410-400-0 China (Mainland) Powder 95%TC fungicide 63-68°C 0.213 (25 °C) 1.157g/cm3 Packaging & Delivery Package Details 25kg/Drum or as your request Port Shanghai Lead Time : 5-15 days after confirmed the order


Iprodione 96% TC

Control of Botrytis, Monilia, Sclerotinia, Alternaria, Corticium, Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Phoma, Rhizoctonia, Typhula spp., etc. Used mainly on sunflowers, cereals, fruit trees, berry fruit, oilseed rape, rice, cotton, vegetables, and vines as a foliar spray, at 0.5-1.0 kg/ha, and on turf, at 3-12 kg/ha. Can also be used as a post-harvest dip, as a seed treatment, or as a dip or spray at planting.

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