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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Dear all, We would like to inform you that China will usher in the annual Dragon Boat Festival, which is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. We will have three days off to ...


Anhui Sinotech Industrial Co.,Ltd. will attend the VIETFOOD & BEVERAGE, PROPACK VIETNAM 2023 held in Ho Chi Minh City, vietnam from Aug. 10~12, 2023

Vietfood&Beverage is an international professional exhibition on food and beverage in Vietnam, which is the largest, oldest, and most authoritative food and beverage trade platform in Vietnam.

Exhibition Scope

Food (instant food&processed food): dairy products&milk, various candies&pastries, natural foods, herbal&herbal products, fresh fruits&vegetables, meat products, raw meat&poultry&livestock products, processed food&canned goods, instant snacks&preserved fruits&dried goods, etc;

Beverages: tea, coffee, beer, fruit juice, wine, various non alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, purified water, etc.

Food processing: various food processing technologies and machinery; Beverages (including fruit juice and alcohol), processing technology and equipment; Water treatment processing technology and equipment; Various food, fruit juice, edible oil processing products, technologies and equipment; Various frozen foods, ice cream, and refrigeration technologies and equipment; Baking food and candy processing technology and equipment; Dairy processing technology and equipment; Processing technology and equipment for convenience food, puffed food, and meat products; Kitchen processing equipment; Accessories, testing and measurement, automation control equipment, etc.

Packaging equipment: various packaging technologies, packaging machinery, packaging materials (plastic packaging materials, paper packaging materials, etc.), filling machinery, various sealing machines, labeling machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, bundling and wrapping machinery, automatic measuring and filling packaging machinery, packaging machines, plastic container packaging machinery, packaging machinery control equipment and testing machinery, etc.

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