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why you should choose Gibberellic Acid to promote grapes growth?
2018-08-24 17:16:35
Gibberellin Acid effect on crop of effectiveness is one hundred percent, the effect lasting, more efficient, more stable, more secure, seedling period began spraying is the best, can make the developed root system, and the prevention of disease, it can significantly promote the growth of plant stem and leaf, and growing up, such as spraying, also can make the balanced, contribute to crop growth, flowering, spraying, flower and fruit, but also to make the fruit expands, more beautiful fruit, cotton coated spraying can effectively reduce the cotton boll shedding, improve the boll setting rate, and can effectively remove crop diseases.


1.This product has remarkable effect on increasing production of cotton, grape and vegetable. It can promote seed germination, plant growth and early flowering. When use, can use smear, mix seed, dip in root, spray to wait. Gibberellin powder can be first dissolved in a small amount of alcohol or liquor when used.

2.Efficient plant growth regulator. Can promote crop growth and development, early maturity, improve quality and increase yield. It can quickly break the dormancy of seeds, tubers, bulbs and other organs, promote germination of little buds, flowers, bell, fruit fall off, increase fruit seed setting rate or form seedless fruit. It can be used in rice, wheat, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops to promote their growth, germination, flowering, and results. Gibberellin, no matter spray, daub or dip in the root, has the effect of increasing the yield of different crops, but applying too much gibberellin, the plant will appear yellow and slender branches, that is, the phenomenon of losing greenness and growing in vain, and affect the yield instead. Gibberellin can also be used to make malt from barley. It also promotes insect development.

3.Gibberellic acid has estrogen-like activity, can promote cell life extension and stimulate cell division, use at hair product can promote scalp blood circulation, reduce the generation of dandruff and stimulate hair growth, prevent alopecia. Use in the skin products can inhibit the generation of melanin, so that the color of pigmented nevus such as freckles on the skin becomes pale while whitening the skin. Gibberellic acid can be used safely in cosmetics.


1.Promote multiple male flowers in cucumber and watermelon: in the first leaf stage of cucumber, use 4% gibberellin emulsion 500 times liquid or caibao 800-1000 times liquid leaf spray; in the 2-3 leaf stage of watermelon, use 4% gibberellin emulsion 8000 times liquid leaf spray.

2.To facilitate sprouting of potatoes, peas and lentils: apply 4 percent gibberellin emulsion 800 times, soak it for 24 hours, and sow it with wood ash or other disinfectant after harvesting. 3.Thicken the leaves of celery, spinach and lettuce: 20 days before harvest, use 4 percent gibberellin emulsion 4000 times liquid leaf spray, or caibao 800 to 1000 times liquid leaf spray, spray once again every 5 days (this is the most common usage that grower has mastered at present).

4.Increase the fruit setting rate of cucumber, eggplant and tomato: spray the flowers with the flowering period or with vegetable treasure 800-1000 times liquid leaf spray or 4% gibberellin emulsion 800 times liquid spray.

The most prominent role of gibberellin is to accelerate cell elongation(Gibberellin can increase the content of auxin in plants.Auxin directly regulates cell elongation)It also promotes cell division, which promotes cell expansion,In addition, gibberellin inhibits the physiological effects of ripening, dormancy, senescence and tuber formation.

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