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Why sodium saccharin is one of the best sell products in today's marketplace?
2018-09-27 18:03:19
Sodium saccharin (benzoic sulfimide) is an artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy. It is about 300–400 times as sweet as sucrose but has a bitter or metallic aftertaste, especially at high concentrations. Sodium saccharin is used to sweeten products such as drinks, candies, cookies, and medicines.
In recent years, our country most of saccharin sodium is mainly exported to the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, in the domestic real sales are small, particularly in the application of the food is a small amount, the main application is in the other non-food other industry, including the dosage of the guangdong province relative to other domestic provinces, it should be larger.

What kind of food can use Sodium Saccharin
Sodium saccharin can be used as a non-nutritive sweetener and stabilizer in a variety of food and drinks. Bakeries use sodium saccharin to sweeten baked goods, breads, cookies and muffins. Artificially sweetened diet drinks and sodas use sodium saccharin since it dissolves readily in water. Other products that contain sodium saccharin include marzipan, plain sweetened and fruit-flavored yogurt, jams/jellies and ice cream.
Sodium saccharin can be used in toothpaste and mouthwash to hide the taste of other chemicals.It's an artificial sweetener that is not sugar so it does not cause tooth decay, but it does sweeten the flavour of the toothpaste can mouthwash instead of it tasting like the other components.
Sodium saccharin can be used as feed additive and sweeteners in feed industry. It can improve the animals apetide and reduce the feed period.
Sodium saccharin is useful in the electroplating industry as an additive in metalworking fluids and adhesives. The electroplating of nickel, for instance, uses Sodium Saccharin as an electrolyte (a substance, which when dissolved in a solution, makes it electrically conductive). Electroplating is the process in which an electric current is applied through a solution to coat the surface of a metal with another layer of metal. The nickel electroplating industry uses sodium saccharine bring about a brighter finish. Gold and palladium electroplating baths also use sodium saccharin.

Attention Of Tech Grade Sodium Saccharin Used In Electroplating:
Generally, we use industrial sodium saccharin in electroplating because it can make electroplating work very well.There are some matters need pay more attention:
Sodium saccharin is used asbrightener in electroplating. It can make electroplating easier and improve brightness and softness of electro nickeling.
Because of its high melting point, we need to melt it before using. Meanwhile, it will lose value when heated under acid environment.

Content Analysis:
Solube 0.3g sodium saccharin in 20ml acetic acid;
Add 2 drops methylrosanilniumchloride solution as indicator;
Titrate with 0.1mol/L perchloric acid, when the color of the solution turns blue from the violet blue to the end of the titration;
Conduct a blank controlled trial and try best to avoid the error. Per mL 0.1mol/L Perchloric acid amounts to 20.52mg sodium saccharin.
With the control of the environment protection department, the price of sodium saccharin is fluctuant, sometimes, the supply could not meet the market requirments.
But our company own our factory to supply the high quality sodium saccharin. Usually, we could deliver the products within 15 days after we confirm the contract.
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