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Why mancozeb is the most widely used fungicide all over the world?
2018-08-16 14:58:26
As the most widely used multi-site fungicide at present,mancozeb, This product belongs to dithiocarbamate ester in sulfur preparation. Under the action of water and air, the agents sprayed on the surface of plants were successively converted into EBIS and EBI to inhibit the spore germination of bacteria and play a bactericidal effect.


Pure Mancozeb is white powder,Industrial products are pale white or pale yellow powder,smell like rotten egg,insoluble in water,Insoluble in most organic solvents,But it dissolves in pyridine.Unstable to light, heat and moisture,Carbon disulfide easily decomposes,When alkaline or copper, mercury and other substances easily decompose carbon disulfide to reduce the effect,volatile little.The so-called protection is to provide Zn elements for the plants, in addition to addressing the symptoms of zinc deficiency, to strengthen the plant's ability to resist disease, thus relatively sterilization.

control object:

It is mainly used in the prevention and treatment of vegetable downy mildew, anthrax and brown spot. At present, it is the ideal agent for the prevention and treatment of early tomato blight and late potato blight, with the prevention effect of about 80% and 90% respectively. It is usually sprayed on leaves and sprayed once every 10-15 days.
(1)Control tomato, eggplant, potato blight, anthracnose and leaf spot with 80% wettable powder 400-600 times of liquid. At the initial stage of the disease, spray, 3-5 times.
(2)For the prevention and treatment of vegetable seedling stage blight and quench disease, use 80% wettable powder according to seed weight of 0. 1-0. 5% of the seed.
(3)For the prevention and treatment of melon downy mildew, anthrax and lignite disease, use 400-500 times liquid spray, and spray 3-5 times.
(4)Control cabbage, cabbage downy mildew, celery spot disease, with 500 to 600 times of liquid spray, spray 3-5 times.
(5)To prevent anthrax and erythema of kidney beans, use 400-700 times liquid spray, and spray 2-3 times.
drug effect:

Mancozeb is a good protective fungicide, is a low toxicity pesticide. Due to its wide range of sterilization, resistance is not easy to be generated, and the control effect is obviously better than other similar bactericidal agents, so the international dosage is always a large tonnage product.At present, most of the antimicrobials in China are made by the processing and preparation of trimangan zinc,Through more than ten years of field application, the control of pear black star disease, apple blotch-leaf disease, melon and vegetable disease, downy mildew, field crops rust, and other significant effects,Without any other fungicides, the disease can be effectively controlled and the quality is stable and reliable.

Main control object: pear scab, citrus scab, canker of apple spots defoliate disease, grape downy mildew, litchi downy mildew, phytophthora disease, green pepper blight, cucumber, melon, watermelon frost mildew, tomato blight, cotton rotten bell disease, wheat rust disease, powdery mildew, corn big spot, stripe, tobacco black shank disease, yam anthracnose, brown rot, root rot, spot defoliate disease, etc.


(1)When storing, should pay attention to prevent high temperature, want to keep dry, lest in high temperature, moist condition make medicament decompose, reduce effect of effect.
(2)In order to improve the effect of prevention and treatment, it can be mixed with a variety of pesticides and fertilizers, but can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides, fertilizers and copper-containing solutions.
(3)Agents on the skin, mucous membrane stimulation, the use of attention to protect.
(4)Do not mix with basic or copper chemicals. It is poisonous to fish and cannot pollute water.
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