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Nicosulfuron is one of the best effective herbicides in today's market.
2018-11-06 11:11:37
Nicosulfuron is an endogenous herbicide, which can be absorbed by the stem and root of weeds. Subsequently, it is conducted in the plant body, causing the growth stagnation of sensitive plants, the fading of the stem and leaf, and gradually dying. Generally, it will die within 20-25 days, but it takes a longer time for some perennial weeds in the case of low temperature.The drug effect was good before 4 leaves after bud and decreased when seedling was large. Nicosulfuron has the activity of weeding before bud but lower than after bud.

Main Feature:
1. Nicosulfuron is a vegetable oil suppository made by special technology. Usually corn oil or industrial soybean oil is used as the solvent, which not only enhances the effect of weed control, but also can be applied with grass without waiting for rain.
2. Nicosulfuron quick effect was good, and the weeds began to change and wither 5-7 days after application.
3. Nicosulfuron not only has a very good effect of killing weeds with stems and leaves, but also has a certain effect of soil sealing.
4. It is Good resistance to rain, rain 8 hours after application will not affect the effect.
5. Nicosulfuron the safety is good, under normal conditions will not have any adverse effects on the corn and the following stubble crops. however, overuse is not allowed, and overuse can easily lead to a decrease in seedling rate of post-stubble small seed.

Control object
Nicosulfuron can prevent annual and perennial grasses and some broadleaf weeds. The results showed that weeds, seagrass, wild oats and amaranth were the most sensitive weeds. The most sensitive weeds were polygonum bungeum, weevil, purslane, hyacinth, abutilon and sedge. The weeds with poor sensitivity were mainly chenopodium, nightshade, anemone, groundcover and stoat petals.

Nicosulfuron is High efficiency corn herbicide, low dose after bud, can effectively prevent and control many annual grass weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds in corn field. Nicosulfuron is rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots and is quickly transmitted through xylem and phloem. The synthesis of branched-chain amino acids is prevented by the acetyllactic acid synthase. After application, the growth of weeds stops immediately, the new leaves fade and necrosis for 4-5 days, and gradually spread to the whole plant. Generally, the plants die within 20-25 days after treatment. Maize is well resistant to the drug, and it is treated with temporary chlorosis or slight growth retardation, but it generally recovers quickly and does not reduce production.

Our company Anhui sinotech Industial Co.,Ltd could manufacture and supply Nicosulfuron for many kinds of formulation, such as 95%TC,4%SC,75%WDG, 75%WP and so on. We always pursue the tenet of "Quality the primary, credit the foundation." We are devoed ourselves to make the life better, always ready to provide top quality products combined with competitive price and comprehensive commercial service.
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