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Application Of Plant Growth Regulator On Wheat
2018-09-14 14:11:11
1. Promoting wheat germination

Triacontanol. In the treatment of wheat and wheat seeds with 30 alkyl alcohol, the activity of enzyme in seed can be improved and the metabolism of enzyme is promoted, which is beneficial for material transportation and provides energy for growth and development, raising germination rate and making the seedling early and orderly. According to the experiment of agricultural technology promotion station in xintai city, shandong province, The seeds were planted for 4-12 hours after sown with 0.2-0.5 mg/litre of 30anol, which bring an increase of 4.3%-7.1% per mu. Before the wheat seeding, it had better soak in 0.2-0.5 mg/litre of 30 alkyl alcohol for 4-12 hours. Generally speaking, every 15kg of wheat is sprayed with 30 alkanol, which can be seeded after 2 to 4 hours.
Precautions: strictly use the concentration to avoid side effects. Plant Growth Regulator can be mixed with insecticide, fungicide
Cytokinins(6-Benzylaminopurine). The germination rate of seeds can be significantly increased with the use of cytokinins in wheat seeds, which can increase the number of effective panicles and the number of solid grains per ear. According to the experiment in zhejiang province, the yield of barley is 5.21%, and the yield of wheat is 13.1%. Before sowing, soak for 16 hours with cytosine 100 times liquid, and then leave to dry until half dry.
Precautions: strictly use the concentration to avoid side effects.

2. Control of wheat excessive growth

Cycocel. Wheat seed soaking with CCC or stirring, to promote the thick effects of seedling growth. In wheat jointing stage, 50% cycocel is diluted into 160-350 times liquid by water, then reoccupy spray 100 kilograms. It is to promote and prevent the effect of the shape.
Precautions: In jointing stage, the effect is failed and the wheat continue to grow. Thus the second medicine must be used during the jointing stage, especially the use of fertilizer is heavy, crop growth in vain. When using this agent, prevent the agent from contamination; Strictly master the concentration, so as not to reduce the wheat production due to high concentration.
Mepiquat chloride. During the period of the wheat cupping, the use of 200 mg/litre of mepiquat chloride was sprayed evenly on the leaf surface, and it was better to reduce the plant height, increase the strength of the stem and prevent the excessive growth of the wheat and increase the yield. According to the relevant test report, the plant height was 24.9 cm after the wheat injection, and the length of the internode decreased by 5.6 cm, and the yield of single product increased by 13.64%.
Precautions: It is necessary to use the growth condition according to the growth of the crop. The wheat in high level fertility and strong growth can be used, otherwise, the spray should not be used. After the injection of acylamine, the leaf color thickens, and the water management and insect nuisance work should strengthen.

3. Application of other regulators on wheat

Paclobutrazol. Before sowing the wheat, use 15% paclobutrazol powder 20-25 grams stirs 100 kg the wheat seeds with moderate water, then bored for 4 to 6 hours to dry the seeds. This can prevent the seedling from cold and drought. When wheat is up, 200 mg/l of Multi-effect azole will be sprayed on every acre to make the plants dwarf, and the ability to withstand voltage is enhanced.
Mepiquat. Use a 20 ml of Mepiquat , 2.5 to 3 kg of water, spray on 50 kg of wheat, and then stir to dry the seeds, which will make the wheat full and strong; During the time of the wheat cupping, 15 to 20 ml Mepiquat with 50 to 60 kg water per mu can be sprayed in the leaf surface, which could inhibit the elongation of the internodes and prevent the later collapse and increase production by 10-20%。 Petroleum growth stimulant. Petroleum growth stimulant is a kind of plant growth stimulant, and the main constituent is naphthenic acid sodium(NAA-Na). According to the experiment, after soaking the seeds for 12 hours with 800times Petroleum growth stimulant, the wheat seedlings could be seedling early and seedling strong. In the wheat to the grouting period, the 50kg spray of 1000 times Petroleum growth stimulant per mu can defend the dry and hot wind, increase the weight of the grain, which can bring an increase of 78% in harvest on average.
Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA). Before sowing seeds, the seeds is soaked in 40mg per liter of naphthalene acid for 6 hours, then make it dry and seed, which will cause the wheat to germinate and sprout quickly. That can enhance the ability of seedling to resist cold, drought and saline-alkali damage. Before the wheat grouting, a solution of 50kg of 400 times naphthyl acetate was used to increase the weight of the wheat.
Gibberellin(Gibberellic acid). During the return of wheat, the amount of 10 to 50mg/l of gibberellin is used 40 to 50kg, which can reduce the output of ineffective wheat panicle and increase the yield. At the time of the wheat cupping, 400 mg/l of gibberellin solution per mu was used to increase the number of panicles and increase the 1000-grain weight.
Cytokinins(6-Benzylaminopurine). In wheat jointing stage or full panicle stage, use cytokinin (6-Benzylaminopurine), 50 g to 200 to 300 kg, stir and make foliar spraying, can promote the formation of chlorophyll and protein synthesis, strengthen photosynthesis and art ability, is advantageous to the early maturity, high yield.

2, 4-d. Use 2, 4-d at the trifolium and spike of wheat. The experiment showed that the three leaf spraying of 2, 4-d (0.09 ml/m2) had good effect on the weeding effect of wheat field, and the yield and quality of wheat had some adverse effects. According to the average result of the two years, the 1000-grain weight dropped 6.36% and the yield decreased by 1.37%. In quality traits, the weight loss was 2.41%, while the content of protein and wet gluten did not change much.
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